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Welcome all weary world-wide-web travellers. Dost thou need a rest from the forums, the Facebooks, the Reddits, and the other nefarious competing blogs? Well, look no further, for a college undergraduate could use some experience in Web Design and html anyways. I prefer LaTex for my markup languages, but I suppose that's besides the point. I'm also used to using other text editors. Heh. Looks like this'll be a long journey.

Who am I, might you ask? This is the personal website of a University of Arizona Undergraduate currently majoring in Mathematics and CS. My name is [REDACTED] and I am currently staying at [REDACTED]. I wish I was cool enough to have an online persona a la Gwern Branwen or PewdiePie, but we'll keep things rather boring and anonymous for now, as creating an online personae is SO early 2010s. And the phrase "SO [insert time period here] is SO 90s, but I'm sure I'll market to some demographic, whether it be the boomers continually alienated by an increasing technological progression, or the children born and raised in an age of increasing technological progression. I hope you know how to do math. Or at the very least, know how to piss out some CSS and Javascript.

Blog Posts of Varying Qualities

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